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Roses in a lovely vase are a welcome addition to your home. With proper care your roses can have a long vase life.

Why Did My Roses Wilt:

If all the roses have wilted it is usually due to extreme fluctuations in temperature.  They were taken out into extreme cold weather without being wrapped and protected and the shock killed them.  A secondary cause is because they were left out of water too long and the rose was taking in air not water. When they were put into water there was an airlock in the stem and water wasn't going up the stem into the bloom. A third cause is the vase wasn't washed properly with soap and water and just a splash of bleach (approx 1/2 a teaspoon). Rinse Thouroughly.  Dust mould and bacteria were in the vase and travelled up the stem.  Remember you can't see bacteria or mould always but it's there.  

So what do you do?

 Take the roses out of the water and lie them down in a sink with lukewarm water for about an hour.  This should help to remove any air bubbles that are trapped in the stem.  You have to give them another cut on an angle with a knife preferably under running water.  Before you put them back in the vase, the vase has to be cleaned and scrubbed with soap and water. Get the vase ready befor you cut the roses so they can go immediatly into the water.  All leaves have to be taken off below the water line.  Leaves decay and cause mould in the vase. 

 If you only have one or two wilted roses it's probobly because there is an airlock in the stem.  The rose isn't getting any water.  Take the rose or roses out of the vase and do the preceeding paragraph.

Ripening fruits and vegetables give off an ethalene gas that will shorten the life of your flowers. Take care not to put them too close together.  If they are exposes to ethalene it could (may) cause the petals to drop off your flowers.  Also petals falling is often a sign of lack of water.

Now there is a lot of talk about the water temperature for flowers.  The warmer the water the quicker your flowers will open.  Flowers will take up the water quicker with warmer water and this will cause the flower to open much quicker.  If you have an event and you need your flowers  to open quickly for presentation then that is the way to go but it will shorten vase life.