Flower Care & Maintenance

So you have just bought some gorgeous flowers and you want them to last as long as possible.

I'm going to start with general instructions for any and all flowers. Then I'll get into more specifics for Roses.

First of all remove any leaves that are below the waterline.  This is because any leaves left in water will rot and degrade and cause mould and bacteria in the water.  This will shorten the life of your flowers in the vase.  Remember you can't always see mould but it's there.

Re-cut ¾ inches (2cm) off the end diagonally with a sharp knife. Never use scissors.  Scissors will crush the ends and water won't go up the stem.

In a clean vase mix 1 quart (1 litre) of water with the full packet of flower food.  We give out two packets of food so that if you have a larger vase and more flowers than you have enough flower food.   If the vase is not clean enough that you would drink from it then it is not clean enough.  Don't put your flowers near heat, extreme cold,  drafts or direct sunlight.  Flowers like diffused sunlight.

Do not replace original water, but add water daily. Don't let the water level go down to the bottom of the vase but keep topping it up.  If you do decide to change the water you have to clean the vase with soap and water and absolutely give the flowers a fresh cut.  Remember the rule:  Fresh Water, Fresh Cut

Key tips for success: Use all the floral preservative, re-cut the stems on an angle with a sharp knife, display in a cool place and add water daily.

The flowers you have purchased come from the best growers in the world. Extreme care has been given in all aspects, from transportation to cleaning and storage to assure complete enjoyment.  If there is a problem with the quality, return the flowers and proof of purchase to the store within 48 hrs.

We hope you enjoy your flowers!   

Special Care for cut Roses:  For more details go to:       The  Frequently Asked Questiions Page

Hydrate the roses as soon as you receive them in cool to room temperature water, never hot or freezing, this will shock and kill your Roses.  A fresh trim (on an angle) is mandatory with a knife, never scissors.  If the stem becomes crushed, broken or trimmed improperly the roses will not hydrate correctly and die.  Keep waterline high by adding water to the vase every day.